Alpha Marriage

Navigate life together

Seven sessions to help couples strengthen their relationship

starts on March 18

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6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Marriage Course is for couples who are seeking to strengthen their relationship. Some couples do the course to intentionally invest in their relationship, while others are looking to address more specific challenges. Either way, the course offers essential tools and practical ideas to help you build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.

You are seated at your own table for two. Every session will include food, a practical talk, and a time for private discussion between you and your partner. You never share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner. Background music ensures that you can chat in complete privacy.

Session 1

Strengthening Connections
Learn to understand each other’s needs

Session 2

The Art of Communication
How to listen and communicate effectively

Session 3

Resolving Conflict
Develop methods to resolve conflict and disagreements

Session 4

The Power of Forgiveness
Learn how to apologize and forgive as a couple

Session 5

The Impact of Family – Past and Present
Explore the impact of your family on your relationship

Session 6

Good Sex
Find ways to develop greater sexual intimacy

Session 7

Love in Action
Learn your partner’s ‘love language’ and how to love them well


FEE: $150 per couple dinner and workbook included

Childcare available
$5 per child per session.


St. Lawrence O’Toole

New York Room

31 Prospect Street

Brewster, NY 10509


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